Amazon Rice

Amazon Rice

who would ever have thought? well this research has two goals. First to find out if Amazon sells rice and secondly is the price competitive verses local stores. (I would say the shipping is what could break the deal) Well I was surprised and below is the results of my research.

First on the search results is the Nishiki Premium Rice, Medium Grain, 15 Pound Bag the price is $22 at the time of this research. I have never used this rice so here is what I gathered from the comments left on it. It seems that there is lots of repeat buyers which is a good sign.

This rice is being hailed as one of the best Sushi Sticky Rice and great bargain. Some people are happy about the free delivery service by amazon.

Next on the list is Royal Basmati Rice 15 Pound Bag. Now I love this rice and have used it quite often. The price is $20 and you can get it for $19 if you subscribe to receive it at regular intervals. Well the price is fair you might find it cheaper in stores but overall it is a fair price.

Super Lucky Elephant Jasmine Long Grain Fragrant Rice, 5 Pound Bags (Pack of 2) I haven't used this rice but it is well worth the price at $12.86 some users of this rice are very happy with the results using a rice cooker. The smell is great and compared with the choices in the local supermarket is a nice addition to their options.

Nishiki Premium Brown Rice, 15-Pounds Bag Some of the comments on this rice just sound like advertisement such as "the best Brown rice I have ever eaten or made" I would say if you feel like it and price is not a concern then give it a try it might be the best brown rice you've ever eaten.
How much is it? $27

I was impressed with rice choices and the fact that you're getting free shipping makes it  a no brainer. The first thing I thought about when starting to look into this is the shipping will be the deal breaker. I was wrong.

I don't see any risk in purchasing rice from amazon. Unless you wanted to make rice right now then the nearest grocery would be so happy to see you.

Now does anyone have any rice coupons?