Is Canned Fruit Healthy?

Is Canned Fruit Healthy? I always eat fruits so I am a fruit lover and I can't help seeing all these canned fruits and want to try some. But it is canned fruit? So if I eat canned fruit is it going to give me the same nutrition as fresh fruit?

I know that canned fruit has a lot of preservatives, so if I discard the liquid in the can will that reduce the amount of preservatives I consume or is it already absorbed in the fruits.

Is canned fruit healthy for kids? and if so which brands are the best.

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Hi Jasper, I think there is no way that anything beats fresh food in general. I myself do buy canned fruits but only because I love the taste, because I used to eat canned fruits as a child. So for normal daily consumption fresh fruits is best, as you already do eat fresh fruits, and canned fruits once in a while shouldn't hurt?


Fresh Canned Fruits? What Is That?

Fresh Canned Fruits? So it was fresh when it was canned, how about when I'm eating it? Do I get some of the chemicals or maybe the tin in my system too? I think once in a blue moon if you eat canned fruits it might be okey but why do that? Fresh fruits are just around the corner.

Too Much Sugar In Canned Fruits

There is too much sugar in canned fruits. It cannot be that healthy, it might be better than a lot of junk foods but I wouldn't make it part of my daily diet. Also I think they cook the fruits. If it is a taste you like then once in a while it is fine but I wouldn't eat it everyday.