How To Cook Rice

Learn How To Cook Rice By Following These Rice And Pilaf Tutorial Videos

How to cook rice? By Following These Tutorials You Will Become A Master Of Cooking Rice. So Let's Get Started. Even If you know how to cook pilaf these are some great recipes to learn. Enjoy!

First Watch This Aromatic Rice Pilaf Video Which Is Simply One Of My Favorites Aromatic Rice Pilaf

Now You Can Experiment With Some Really Amazing Variations Such as Rice With Orzo Pasta

Pilaf is also known as Polo, polao, pilao,pilav, pilaf, plov, pulao, pilota,  بيلاو and pilavi. As you can see diverse ethnic groups have embraced pilaf and made it their own by adding a little of their touch to it. The first records of pilaf date back to Alexander The Great who was introduced to it in Samarkand which is now part of Afghanistan.

Pilaf has spread throughout the world. Not too long ago it was only used in Middle East, Armenia Iran and Turkey.

Placing a pilaf or rice search in this website will reveal the amazing selection of pilafs available.

What is your favorite pilaf recipe?