Nutrition For Vegetarians

Nutrition For Vegetarians

When switching from non vegetarian diet to vegetarian diet, there are 2 imported facts you should know to stay healthy.

A--Vegetarian diet is rich in antioxidents, vitamines, and healthy fats.

B--Non vegetarian diet is rich with protein, iron, zinc, calcium and vitamine B12

When switching to a vegetarian diet, it is essential to learn how to prepare meals with the correct combination of nutrients to avoid short term or long term health complications.
Here are the 5 essential nutrients sources every vegetarians should know about.

Wheat, nuts, and beans are vegan friendly proteins. Soy protein from many sources including tofu and soy milk, is better digested than the wheat which is hard to digest and therefore half of  its protein is lost during the process of digestion.  

Plant sources contain rich amount of iron but unlike the iron that comes from the animal products, it is more sensitive to inhibitors. In order to overcome this natural problem, you should consume more vegetable rich in iron and avoid the INHIBITORS such as tea coffee and fiber. 

Like Iron, Zinc also is inhibited in vegan diet. You should consume more food rich in zinc, such as soybeans, sunflower seeds and cashew.

Calcium is abundantly available in vegetarian diet. Therfore a vegetarian does not need to have a dietary addition, provided they avoid certain foods that are high in oxalate. Oxalate inhibits calcium absorbtion. Spinach, swiss chard, beet greens are rich in calcium but vegetarian should not concider them as a main source of calcium in their diet because they also contain high amounts of oxalates.
Dietitians suggests to rely more on foods like soy yogurt, tofu, beans, almonds and calcium fortified foods.

5--Vitamine B12 . 
Vitamine B12 does not exist naturally in plant food. Vitamin B12 is abundantly avalable in animal food only. Therefore a vegetarian should include in their diet Vitamin B12 fortified foods such as certain cerials and soy milks to not suffer a defficiency of this important vitamin.

Adequently planed Vegetarian diet far exceeds the healthiness of non vegetarian diet. A balanced vegetarian diet and excersize is believed to help reverse many conditions, like high blood pressure and cardiovascular deseases. So plan carefully before switching diets.  It is always a good idea to consult your doctor or certified dietition before starting any new diet or excersise activity.