Is Organic Really Organic?

Is Organic really organic?

Graduate student Jenny Wan-chen Lee conducted a blind taste test for organic food and non organic food at a local mall. She prepared chocolate sandwich cookies, plain yogurt and potato chips. She only used organic food products and labeled them "regular" and "organic". The survey asked 10 questions from each participant. The questions ranged from taste, level of fat and even an estimate of calories in each serving and how much they would pay for it.

The goal of the test was to find out if the "health halo' which is the belief that organic is better and worth the extra money would lead to them also believing that a product labeled organic is tastier and has lower calories vs the same organic product labeled as regular.

The results of the test did not surprise me but I'm glad the test was made.
Lee's health halo hypothesis was confirmed. The subjects preferred the organically labeled foods vs the same food except for the label. The food labeled organic were perceived to be lower in calories and worth the price tag. In addition the organic labeled foods were thought to be lower in fat and higher in fiber.

The same results with the chocolate and cookies where they thought it was healthier and tastier.

This brings me back to the question is organic really organic? I think that it is naive of us to believe that everything we see in the market that is labeled organic is really organic. I believe that there are farms and businesses that are serious about keeping everything organic but greed has a way to creep in.

I will only consider fruits and vegetables grown in my garden as organic. I have the luxury of growing some fruits but no vegetables. When I see something labeled organic there is 50% chance that it is really organic.

What do you think about this.


It must be organic

Companies run the risk of losing their customers forever if news breaks out that they're selling non organic food as organic. It would be a futile move. But then again greed has its way of convincing.