What Are Good Foods To Eat (Healthy Foods To Eat)

Good Foods To Eat

What are the best foods to eat for a healthy and active lifestyle? I have always dreamt of the perfect diet, and was sure I'll have the best balanced food menu, and have always done the opposite. What would be the best foods to eat, so no matter what you do you can't go wrong?

As a young man I always excersised and ate everything you would expect from a kid growing up. So now I look at myself and I think this ain't the result of eating the best foods. So how do I get back on track, not that I was even close to the track, and start eating the best foods.

Best foods to eat for a busy lifestyle, could be anykind I'll give it a try. Vegetarian recipes are fine but if you can break it down for all the days of the week that would be amazing.

What are good foods to eat that are not pills, don't have side effects. Foods that through the ages their goodness is known and passed down to generations. Foods that heal and help us avoid the mountains of medication perscribed for the most trivial health issues.

There are many healthy recipes I just want to have a menu for each day of the week with food that is balanced for a healthy diet. If there is a nutritionist who can answer that would be great.