What Is The Difference Between Vegetarian And Vegan?

What is the difference between Vegetarian and Vegan? I am plannning to become Vegetarian or Vegan. I don't know the difference, which one is the best for a healthy diet, Vegetarian vs vegan which one is the best. What are the types of vegetarian diet out there.

I do excercise and definitely need a healthy diet that will help me continue with my lifestyle. I know I've heard that Vegetarians or vegans don't get all the nutrition they need. Is that true? and if not what would I need to do to have a good balanced Vegetarian diet.

Knowing myslef I probably wouldn't be able to be a Vegan, as I understand dairy is totally out of the question for a vegan.

What is the diffenece between vegetarian and vegan that would make me choose one over the other? Which one is supposed to be the healthiest option or is it just a preference.


I thought there is no difference between vegetarian and vegan

I thought there is no difference between vegetarian and vegan. But now I stand corrected. I don't think I can become a vegan but vegetarian looks like something I can pull off atleast a few days per week, for starters that is.