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What To Make For Dinner?

What to make for dinner?

A daily decision that we all have to make. But for those of us who love to cook it is more of an adventure to cook something new that will bring joy to the family as well as nourish them. So the question is what to make for dinner?

How To Cook Chicken

Learn How To Cook Chicken Today. I learnt many of my recipes from elders in the family and as my interest grew in all things food I found myself learning some great recipes and in many instances adding my own touch to it. Thanks for visiting, I have tried my best to make the videos simple, clear and to the point.

I've some starter How To Cook Chicken Recipes Below but there is more. Just search for it and I do answer to comments. So If you have any questions I will be more than happy to try and answer.

Now Lets start learning.

How To Cook Rice

Learn How To Cook Rice By Following These Rice And Pilaf Tutorial Videos

How to cook rice? By Following These Tutorials You Will Become A Master Of Cooking Rice. So Let's Get Started. Even If you know how to cook pilaf these are some great recipes to learn. Enjoy!

First Watch This Aromatic Rice Pilaf Video Which Is Simply One Of My Favorites Aromatic Rice Pilaf

Now You Can Experiment With Some Really Amazing Variations Such as Rice With Orzo Pasta

Coupons For Groceries

We are all familiar with coupons for groceries. With the new Deal of the day coupons, offering deep discounts by merchants. It is so easy to just print and take the coupon to the store and let the savings begin. Yes there are some great deals but are these deal a day websites offering coupons for groceries? I would love to find out. Stay tuned as I look for some deep discounts on coupons for groceries. I will post my findings but also would love to hear from you too.

Our recipes

I appreciate all those who've sent a message or made a comment on our website. As you see the website has been functioning for a while. We are adding the written recipes as we speak and should have completed all of our old recipes by the end of July. Now for the new recipes, they will be added as we upload the videos. This blog will keep you up to date with our latest developments and news. Checkout our new recipes homepage

Chakchouka Recipe by Mariette from HowToExpo

Chakchouka is a very popular recipe and we would like you to join the craze. Try it one time and the rest will be history. This Video prepared by Mariette has received lots of positive feedback. for the written ingredients and more in depth direction visit Mariette's Chakshouka Recipe

How To Cut An Onion

How to cut an onion? this is a question most people don't ask but it doesn't hurt to know. And it will only make you enjoy your cooking preparation even more as you cut away like a chef.

Here is a good video and instructions on the subject
How To Cut An Onion

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