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Goya Coupons I am looking for ways to save on rice and other ingredients. What is the best website to find Goya coupons that are good and not expired. Is it better to get coupons from magazines or find a source online and print the coupons I need. I  have heard that printed coupons are not always accepted.

Do also let me know which websites you use and what is the best way to get the  most savings.

Answer to the question above

Goya coupons are best found at the company website and you will find coupons ranging from fifty cents to one dollar and twenty five cents.

Goya has Basic Rice which comes in Organic long grain and brown rice,

Brown Rice which is perfect for the health concious as it contains potassium.

Goya Parboiled Rice is a variety of rice that is fluffy and isn't sticky.

Goya Medium Grain Rice known for its flavor and texture. 

Canilla Brand Rice this extra long grain rice is a staple of hispanic diet and I would recommend it specially when cooking traditional Hispanic recipes for that authentic taste.

Now let's stock up the kitchen, using coupons and save.

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