Does Online Dating Work?

Does Online Dating Work? I need online dating advice. I have recently re entered the singles world and am finding out that online dating is everywhere. Being tauted as the best way to find a date. If it works, I would like to know what are the best ways to approach this new dating scene.

If you can help someone like me with some good dating advice. Some helpful hints and tips would be appreciated. Does online dating work for long distance relationships or is it better to look for someone that is not too far?


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Online dating is better

Online dating is better because you can meet a lot of people and meet them for coffee etc.

I think online dating makes it easier to meet singles

I think online dating makes it easier to meet singles. it is just like anything else you will meet all kinds of characters and hopefully one of them is for you. Just remember to always meet in a public place. A first date at an appartment is not advised.

I'm hooked to online dating

I'm hooked to online dating, ever since I became single, back in the market so to speak. I was wondering how I was going to  get myself back into the dating scene. Now with online dating the first phase of getting to know someone is gone. But a lot of people use pictures of them that does not depict their current state.

Besides that online dating is better than going to clubs.

I think online dating does work if you want it to

I think online dating does work if you want it to. Anyone who is going to try it should have their goals clear in their mind. Because if you're lieing to a girl, giving her hints that you're interested in her meanwhile you're just interested in some action and that's it.